4th Meeting of the Executive Committee

Dated: the Quetta May 17, 2023

The Executive Committee Meeting of the Balochistan Public Private Partnership Authority (BPPPA) was held today and discussed the single agenda item: the budget of the BPPPA for the upcoming financial year 2023-24. The meeting, held at Chief Secretary Balochistan’s Office, was attended by the committee members and chaired by the worthy Chief Secretary Balochistan. 

During the meeting, the committee reviewed the proposed budget for the BPPPA, focusing on the financial allocations, expenditures, and revenue projections for the upcoming fiscal year. The budget presented encompassed various aspects, including operational costs, project development, capacity building, and administrative expenses. 

The committee engaged in a detailed discussion, scrutinizing the budgetary allocations and ensuring alignment with the strategic objectives and priorities of the BPPPA. They emphasized the importance of prudent financial management and allocation of resources to maximize the impact of public-private partnership projects across Balochistan. 

The committee members shared their insights, perspectives, and recommendations to enhance the budget proposal. They considered factors such as the economic landscape, sectoral needs, and potential revenue streams to optimize the utilization of funds and achieve the desired outcomes. 

The meeting also provided an opportunity for the committee to review the financial performance and outcomes of ongoing projects supported by the BPPPA. They assessed the progress made, identified any challenges or bottlenecks, and discussed potential strategies for addressing them effectively. 

After thorough deliberation, the committee members reached a consensus on the budget for the upcoming financial year. The approved budget reflects a balanced approach, ensuring the efficient utilization of resources while facilitating the implementation of high-impact public-private partnership initiatives. 

The meeting concluded with a note of appreciation for the diligent efforts of the BPPPA team in preparing the budget proposal and the valuable contributions of the committee members during the discussion. The approved budget will now serve as a roadmap for the BPPPA’s activities and endeavors in the forthcoming fiscal year, enabling the authority to further advance the development of public-private partnerships in Balochistan. 

Overall, the Executive Committee meeting of the Balochistan Public Private Partnership Authority (BPPPA) proved to be a constructive platform for deliberating and finalizing the budget for the upcoming financial year. The collaborative efforts and insights shared during the meeting will guide the BPPPA in effectively managing its resources and driving impactful initiatives to promote sustainable development and economic growth in Balochistan.