Operation & Maintenance – Hub and Kharan Technical Training Centres

The Project: Technical Training Centers are the need of time to upgrade skillset and provide a continuous supply of skilled labor to the industry.

-Hub CoE, built on Hub Bypass, is state-of-the-art facility with provision of training skills in numerous traits that are required in the nearby industry (HITE) as well as Karachi city.

-Kharan TTC is a newly built, in-operational facility. This facility has sound potential to cater to nearby areas of Chaghi (Rekodek) and adjoining areas which have mining potential.

07 MGD Desalination Plant In Gwadar

The Project: The project envisages establishment of (07MIGD (Phase I: 03MIGD with extension upto 10MGD as required) solarized, desalination plant in Gwadar to resolve the water woes of Gwadar. Currently, the city has been facing acute shortage of water supply. It is estimated that the current requirement (demand) is approximately 8MIGD to 10MIGD. There are other sources (dams) through which the gap will be bridged.

Bostan Special Economic Zone – Phase II

The Project: Bostan Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is part of CPEC initiative. It is located in Bostan, Pashin District – north of Quetta and close proximity to Afghanistan border. Phase I comprising of 200 acres of land is completely developed and being sold to end customers for setting up industries. Work on Phase II has to be started which comprises of almost 800 acres of land. The project can host industries like fruit processing (value chain), dry fruit processing industries, mineral processing and other associated areas.

Solar Salt Export Processing Zone along Coastal Belt

The Project: The project envisages establishment of solar salt project on coastal belt of Balochistan over an area of 313,000 acres (130,000 HA). The production capacity is around 20Mn metric tonnes of salt per annum. This will be primarily an export oriented project. Further, the project can kick off numerous chemical projects in close proximity that require salt as basic raw material.

Tertiary Healthcare Enclave in Quetta

The Project: The project envisages establishment of a tertiary healthcare project (15 acres of land available on Spinny Road). At present, there are no such facility available in the entire province. People have to go to other provinces for healthcare services.

Balochistan not only caters to local population but also visitors from neighboring districts and border towns. Further, it is estimated that almost 60% of visitors from Afghanistan visit Pakistan for medical reasons (treatment). Of these visitors, Balochistan hosts around 50% of the visitors.

Outsourcing Management of Low Performing Schools

The Project: There are various non-functional schools in Quetta districts. These schools have remained non-functional due to various reasons including Government resources constraints.

Such schools may be grouped together and outsourced to private parties for operations and management. This will enable improvement in quality of education as well as effective outcome towards realization full potential of students.

The project will be meted out to private party with a set of KPIs to ensure uniformity in educational standards.

Reconstruction of Balochistan Plaza, Islamabad

The Project: The Government of Balochistan (through Benevolent Fund) owns a (commercial) property in Islamabad. Due to old construction, the property is not realizing its full potential. The proposal is to demolish the existing property and construct brand new, state-of-the-art facility. This project can augment the revenues multiple times and allow for construction of a modern structure on the property.

Operation & Management of Chaman Masterplan

The Project: The Masterplan of Chaman is ready whereby the city has been re-planned based on its dynamics. The trade potential of Chaman city is significant as there is a meaningful flow of trade between Pakistan & Afghanistan through Chaman. The masterplan outlines various potential opportunities wherein private party may come forward to develop and operate various facilities. This initiative will have a positive impact on the overall landscape of the city and allow a much organized facilities to the users and residents of the city.

Operation & Maintenance – Green Bus Service

The Project: The project envisages provision of quality public bus services in Quetta city under G2G mode. The project is being designed to be executed in 02 phases. In phase 01, 16 buses (8 already procured) will be rolled out for 2 routes, one will be from BUITEMS University to GPO chowk, second will be from UoB to railway station. Based on its successful operations, 2nd phase shall be rolled out, after due study, which would comprise of 40-50 buses, as required. The project will bring about real change for the public transport sector and facilitate the masses to conveniently commute across the city.

Development and Operation of Hub Special Economic Zone

The Project: Hub Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is envisaged to be established in the Hub District. Hub (HITE) already hosts over 150 large scale industries. This project will further expand industrialization in Hub, which is at close proximity to Karachi, the economic and financial hub of Pakistan. The project would allow establishment of export oriented industrial projects as Hub is also close to the seaports. The project will cover an area of 406 acres. The project will also ensure development of hub-bypass and provision of energy solution.

100 MW Solar Park in Hub SEZ

The Project: Due to upcoming expansion of Hub SEZ and existing energy requirements (shortfall of approximately 60MW), there is a need to setup new energy project. Currently, the K-Electric line is providing 33MW out of the total shortfall. As LIEDA (Lasbela Industrial Estate Development) already has power evacuation facility, it can purchase the power from the Project for onward distribution to industries. It is understood that there can be potentially alternate sources including renewable energy sources including wind and solar. Further, a hybrid power mix can be explored to lower the cost to optimal levels. The Project will assist in resolving the power issues for the Hub SEZ Phase II and may also be expanded, based upon enhancement in requirement.

O&M of Newly Constructed 30 Bed Hospital in Nawakilli

The Project: Quetta city has a population of approximately 4.0 Million however the city does not have any adequate healthcare facility. Moreover, there is a regular influx from nearby areas and bordering towns, where majority of the visits are health related. The Health Department has recently build infrastructure for a 30-bed hospital which it now intends to outsource under PPP mode. The hospital is located in the area of Nawa-Killi which is a densely populated area. This project will be able to partially provide quality healthcare service if outsourced under PPP mode to a deserving private party.

Development and Management of Tourist Resorts along the Coast

The Project: The ‘Balochistan Coastal Development Authority’ (BCDA) is already working on development of around 07 eco-tourist resorts along the 750Km long coastal belt of Balochistan. In order to manage these eco-tourist resorts, the Govt. intends to outsource the operations and management to private party which specialized in hospitality business. The project has great potential to pose Balochistan Province as an ideal tourist destination and attract visitors from all over the country. 

Plots owned by S&GAD in Karachi city

The Project: The Government of Balochistan owns 11 properties (residential + commercial) in Karachi city. Under PPP mode, the Government has requested to develop these properties and rent out to potential private sector. The project envisages construction of brand new, state-of-the-art facilities.

Establishment of mini-solar grids in Public Sector Universities

The Project: There are in all 09 public universities in the province of Balochistan. These universities have sizeable power requirements. It is understood that the electricity bill indicates steep rise in demand over the period which makes it a potential project to undertake under PPP mode. The solarization of these public universities will allow reducing energy bills and ensuring uninterrupted power supply.

Development of Plot owned by Colleges Department in Quetta

The Project: The Colleges Department owns a prime property in city center which is in shambles. Being a prime property, it may be developed in to state-of-the-art hospitality facility that can assist the Government in realizing potential revenues.